Selective Memory by L J Frank

Context is the ambience

the vocabulary of a framework

a structure for understanding

with tolerance waiting in the wings

speculated and studied

privacy is public

and public is private

events become armored

when a dialogue arrives as a soliloquy

and dogma closes

the sanctuary door.


A passageway reveals once it’s opened

but verisimilitude bewilders

the seeker with an opinion

for the authentic may matter not

if it complicates the believer’s thoughts

and find itself at odds

with the actual;

In the orbit of philosophy and physics

existential is simply to exist

and perception is an optic

out of focus when eyelashes


with the medicine of belief.


Wary of the threshold

the intuitive awaiting recognition

and knowing

anamnesis is not amnesia

for consciousness is awareness

and yet

is blind

when memory is selective.