Sunday’s Poetic-less Postscript by L J Frank

Image for Writings
Credit: Jean Philippe-Cypres, photographer


Posture appears to dictate

be seated or stand as you wish

or somewhere in between,

perhaps the compassionate lotus position with deep breaths

will accommodate, free to think your thoughts;

as the curtain raises on the political theater

of your mind

interviews, interrogatories and the emotive sighs of a trial

simulation of democracy at work and play

for advertisers, investors, bankers and others

the deposits in accounts mount,

while platoons of soldiers fight endless wars

without meaning

save money, power, envy and blood lust.


And an underemployed college graduate

sits next to an old person and child in a cold alley

seeking a friendly, intelligible network

and eyes in a national courtroom dart sideways

listening as only a voyeur can,

while a few on the side suspected they already knew

at the gathering in the Federalist’s Society’s cloakroom,

another justice in waiting.


The hauteur from the Appalachian terrain revealed

where his horse feeds on blue grass

Old Abe was not his ancestor,

unrecognizable in a black robe

private conversations with a syrupy tongue

the fore-finger pointed toward those of a lesser God

he uttered

the poverty of the mind is self-inflicted

and ignorance is a blissful state,

yet across the street

a wanting and familiar stranger stood

with scraps tossed on the wet pavement

an inspirational, sacred metaphor misplaced

as the human is without wings.


Wash the brain with repetition

the emphatic tone of whatever the market will bear

yet an enigmatic echo in a distant cityscape

a communique sent in the middle of the night,

prudence no longer a relevant word

a democratic Republic is on private and public trial

that began yesteryear as a human thought

the ancient effects of it still exist

a provocative idea and act – without borders.