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Narrative Paths Journal Group

The Journal – cultivated initially from the publisher’s treks, voyages and wayfaring to different parts of the world and inquiries into the human spirit and mind. As experience and relationships expand, so does insight. Vision evolves.

Our primary aim is developing a fascinating, accessible journal, touching upon differing philosophies and ideas in varied fields of human interest – an evolving architecture of the human voice.

We are a group of individuals at multiple locations from diverse backgrounds and orientations with a shared interest in collaborating and inspiring each other while exploring ideas that are both intuitive and counterintuitive.

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Publisher, Author & Consultant

 LJ Frank, publisher, author (includes irregular/unusual ghostwriting projects). Consultant: primarily non-profits, building & program design.

Career as library executive, consultant, non-profit advisor, university instructor. Artist by commission. Worked and studied in East Asia, Middle East and Central America. M.L.S. (Library Administration), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A. (U.S. Foreign Relations, with Honors),B.A. (History, Religion, Magna Cum Laude), Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Post-graduate: Antioch University, Yellow Springs (Conflict Resolution); University of Wisconsin, Madison (Library Design); and Miami University, Oxford (Public Administration).

Assistant Editor/Technical Advisor/PhotographerNathan Frank, B.A., English/Philosophy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Guest Columnists

 Hilary Bowring, Healer, Writer, Teacher;    Ellen Stone, Psychotherapist, Artist;   Alfie Kohn, Writer, Educator;      Uriel Dana, Fine Artist, Writer, Lecturer;      Elizabeth Szekeres, International Traveler, Writer;         Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC;       Angie Sanchez, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and Artist;    Michelle Reynolds, Teacher, Anthropologist;     Mary Bryant, World Traveler;    Sheree Johnson, Founder and Director of Gestalt Ann Arbor;     Audrey Leamon, Master Artist:        Randi Sloane, Actress;    Dave Meader, Business Consultant;    Patricia Oblack, Abstract Artist;     Vanessa Wester, British Author, Teacher, Blogger;     Donna Walker, Self-Employed.


Lisa Marie Popp, B.A. English, Psychology, Political Science, Summa Cum Laude; MA English, University of Michigan with honors, MLIS with honors, Wayne State University. Currently developing a novel.

Kathryn Thompson, Over-educated expat Brit, artist, poet, writer, etc, living in the Northern Territory, Australia. Worked in Aboriginal education at the Red Centre for 25 years. Currently, working as a counselor and therapist.

Signe Ruddy, Expressionistic artist, poet, mental health professional and lavender farmer.


Erica Faith, B.A., Graphics & Photographer, University of Colorado, Boulder; Jean-Philippe Cypres, Société Française de Photographie, Paris; credit to other photographers under specific photographs.

Contact: L J Frank at narrative.paths@gmail.com



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