A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”           Lao Tzu





Frank is currently working on his fifth book. Contributors to NP Journal that have authored works will receive space for advertising their publications. The following is a list of his book publications.

Esoteric Journey

Essays from an Esoteric Journey                                 Copyright (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved, Smashwords Edition. Published in ebook formats at ISBN: 9781311326089  Price: $3.95

“An unexpected mixture of the creative and the humorous along with engaging insights. The collection of 80 essays is interwoven with textures of the biographical, philosophical and ambiguous. Why the ambiguous? It makes life more interesting. The ambiguous has been embedded in the author’s treks, voyages and esoteric studies.”

* * *

theshadowoflhasa_cover-1The Shadow of Lhasa: a tale of reincarnation  Copyright (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved, Smashwords Edition.  Published in ebook formats at and at Barnes & Noble as a Nook Book. ISBN: 9781311408204  Price: $6.95

In a passionate affair with her doctor, Sienna Tiefwald, a transgender therapist,  Lhasa Cremieux seeks to discover whether her reincarnation is artificial or natural. Lhasa is a CEO of a small firm that specializes in artificial reincarnation by ingesting a lozenge that affects the DNA of an individual. Is her existence the result of her own experiments or something more profound? Her quest is birthed through a disturbing, recurring vision while living and working in the City of Chicago.  The search is textured with deceptive encounters and ultimately leads to the steps of a temple in Tibet where she experiences a disquieting revelation.


“Erotic. Multilevel cosmic soup with philosophical soul. Osmosis for the human spirit. Envision this on screen. glimpse of the not too distant future.”

Deborah Marie, Smashwords

* * *


Fragments of Faust Copyright (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved, Smashwords Edition. Available in ebook formats at and as a Nook Book at: Barnes & Noble. ISBN: 9781301159529 Price: $5.99

“An architect’s nightmare, a seductive book dealer, the ploys of a Mephistophelean senator and an array of suspicious characters are blended in a quirky and deadly game – from New York City to Virginia, North Carolina, Key West and Miami. The pursuit of a mysterious German manuscript eventually leads to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and an enigmatic twist of events.”

For the student of Faust, I recommend Elizabeth M. Butler’s Fortunes of Faust. My review in 2000.

* * *


The Arius Scrolls Copyright (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved, Create Space Edition published in 2011. Available at: (paperback or Kindle formats) and Create Space. ISBN: 1456305662  Price: Paperback: List – $11.98 now $11.06;  Kindle: $3.29

“Blending fact and fiction, The Arius Scrolls is an intriguing journey into the life of a Fourth Century priest, Arius, and his life-long quest for the authentic Jesus. His discoveries among the shelves of the Library of Alexandria, sermons and writings were popular yet stirred controversy, causing widespread unrest and bloodshed. Men of power, wealth and influence denounced him. His name became synonymous with heresy as he resisted the orthodoxy of the day.”

Excerpt – Chapter 1: He folded his wrinkled hands, closed his scarred dark brown eyes, and in a deep raspy breath, cried out “God!”  He heard only the echo of his own voice, in the chambers of his brain.  Nothing followed. There was no auditory response, no divine whisper in return. No spiritual elation arose from his silent cry.  Thoughts once easily retrieved from the folds of his memory now eluded him. Songs that once easily unfolded from his mind and seem to dance from his tongue no longer were found. He pursed his lips to speak, but no words came forth. Silence enshrouded his being. “Arius!” The solemn voice shattered the silence. Startled, the etched creases of the aging man’s face seemed to cast a shadow from the incoming light as he looked up to see who recognized him.

(Later in his room)….his long legs achingly stretched sideways under an old wood table, picked up a quill, dipped the end in some black ink and began to write:

It began with the surviving fragments of papyrus hidden among splintered wood and stone shelves, wedged within an alcove of a stone interior wall, near an aisle leading into the lower chambers, adjacent to the cataloging room of the Mouseion at Alexandria reserved for scribes and librarians.  How could I have known?


“Provocative, Suspenseful, more intriguing than history itself. A multidimensional twist on deciphering the mystery of love, Frank combines imagination with history. I would recommend to a reader with an appreciation of history who has an open mind. Could not put this one down, am waiting to read the next book to be published.”

Richard, Amazon

“The Arius Scrolls by L J Frank is a very interesting and compelling read. It made me want to study early christian history and to read early christian documents for my self. The book was a bit hard to follow at times, mostly with switching of POV/setting at every chapter. Over a good book that I would recommend to those who enjoy reading historical fiction.”

Austin,  Amazon


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